I had Sarah do mine and my wedding parties makeup for my wedding in June and loved it! She uses high end makeup that looked so good on every skin type. I was worried we’d get that caked on look that some bridal artists do but everyone felt so comfortable in their looks and it matched each one of us perfectly
— Rachel
I was caught off guard by how impressed I felt after Sarah did my makeup. I knew that she had worked as a makeup artist for various weddings and event previously, but I have rather complicated skin that isn’t easy to apply makeup to, (at least not without LOOKING like I’m obviously wearing makeup). I knew what to apply and how, but I was dubious about someone else doing it for me.

Those doubts were immediately discredited as soon as she had completed my makeup. I was impressed by several aspects of the experience. She not only applied makeup to complicated skin flawlessly, but she was precise and efficient, used all high quality products, and not once did I have to worry about her poking my eye or the products irritating my skin. I was honestly so relaxed afterwards that I felt like I had just walked out of a massage! I loved my makeup, and it stayed in place perfectly the rest of my night out.

I would highly recommend Sarah’s expertise to anyone looking to get their makeup done, be it for a night out, a wedding, or just to be totally pampered in general. 5 stars and many kudos!
— Beth