How to prep your face for your big day

It’s wedding day and everyones eyes are on you. Your skin should be as vibrant and beautiful as possible. I want to share some of my favorite products that help increase your natural glow and share steps you should take before your big day.

There is so much that affects your skin. Your health, your diet, products, and the way to care for your skin. As you have been planning your wedding by finding the perfect dress, picking out flowers and tasting cakes, you should be planning your wedding glow.


First things first, destress yourself. Of course the wedding planning process can be stressful, but you need to find ways to cope and just relax. Meditation and yoga are great way to do that. Get out in nature. Go for a hike with your dogs. Breathe in fresh air. Decreasing your stress levels will help you focus, boost your immune system and help you sleep better. Brides need as much beauty sleep as possible!


Start exfoliating and using serums. When dead skin cells stay on your face they interfere with the light reflection resulting in a dull appearance. After you exfoliate your skin will have a noticeable glow. There are so many great products out there. I fell in love with Living Libations Best Skin Ever serum. If you like natural companies you will love it. The rose one is to die for! Another incredible product is the Hydra Beauty Serum by Chanel. It is pricey but well worth it and the smell is so fabulous. Every night before going to bed you should be applying serums and moisturizers. Trust me, you wont regret it.

Stone rollers and micro needle rollers are good tools to use during your wedding skin prep. They flush toxins and stimulate collagen production, resulting in finer wrinkle lines, a balanced skin tone and a brightness to your face. Skin Gym has some great rollers! Check them out. You can find miro needle rollers at most beauty stores. Sephora has high end rollers, but you can find them for under $20 at Target. I can vouch for the miro roller! If you use one several times a week you will notice a difference.


Cut the crap ladies! Start a well balanced and healthy diet. Include lots of Vitamin C and foods full of antioxidants to your diet to give a radiance to your skin. Try adding Beetroot, strawberries, pumpkins, avocados, and carrots into meals. Drink water like it’s your job. Staying hydrated will allow your skin to appear youthful and fresh. Cutting out greasy and unnecessary carbs will eliminate breakouts too.